Yoshino Third Hand - junior or ladies size


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What is it? Basically, it is a 'Fake Third Hand' that can be added to a variety of thing to make it appear as if YOU, the magician, are holding an object with two hands when in fact you are holding the item with only one! This leaves you with one hand free to produce a variety of extremely magical effects!!! Various methods are included in the instruction. All kinds of weird manifestations take place while you are holding on with both hands!

You can do an "Instant Disguise" routine. You hold the cloth in front of your face for a second. When you lower it, you're wearing Groucho glasses. Raise it and lower it again and the disguise is gone! Raise and lower it and you are wearing a clown nose. Suddenly, it is gone. It looks really neat!

The Seance Cloth is perfect if you use a puppet. While you are holding on to the cloth with both hands, your puppet appears from behind the cloth.

This Fake Hand is really great looking...you can't tell it from your real hand, even up close. It's made so your hand actually fits inside the fake. Really a top quality prop with tons of uses!


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    Yoshino Third Hand - junior or ladies size

    Yoshino Third Hand - junior or ladies size

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